3 ways to show Mum the love during social distancing.

3 ways to show Mum the love during social distancing.

Mum, we miss you.
Who couldn't use a hug from their mum right now?
This year is a Mother’s Day like no other.
It’s a tug on the heartstrings with so many families being apart during COVID-19, so here's some ways that you can still reach out to mum and show her you love her.


1. Write a Letter

When was the last time you picked up a pen or pencil and wrote a letter to someone?
There's something so special about receiving a handwritten letter, knowing someone has put the time and effort in to write and send it.
Let her know what she means to you with words.


2. Organise an Online Family Gathering

Surprise mum this Mother's Day with all the family together over the likes of Zoom or House Party, so you can all be together even when you're apart.
There's nothing better than a good old family chat - you may need to mute your siblings to get a word in though!


3. Send her a Beautiful Gift

All mums deserve to be celebrated & we think there are so many heartfelt ways to show how much these special human beings mean to us.
Having a gorgeous pre-curated gift box turn up on her doorstep will make Mum's day.
She deserves to be spoilt for all she does even when she's not there.

We've put together a collection of beautifully curated gift boxes especially for mum HERE.

Love you Mum! x