Gift ideas for a Rad Dad.

Gift ideas for a Rad Dad.

Father’s Day is a day to recognise & celebrate the special role that dads play in our lives.  Whether it’s your Dad, Step-Dad, Foster Dad, or another father figure who helps you along this crazy journey called life - let’s thank him for being there.

Here’s some ideas to make the man himself feel a bit special this year:

1. Make him a card

There’s something pretty darn special about a handmade card.  If you have young children, let them go crazy with stamps, paper & glue or even photos of you together.

2. A Handmade gift

If you have a photo frame, you could decorate it with some of Dad’s favourite things.  Nuts & bolts for a DIY Dad, broken DVDs for an IT Dad, small bits of Lego for a Lego crazy Dad.  Don’t forget to pop a photo of yourself in the frame before you wrap it.


3. Bake for him

There’s not many Dads that would say no to some sweet treats.  Am I right?  There’s extra love in hand-made treats.  Try hokey pokey, chocolate covered almonds, bliss balls, chocolate brownie.  Package them up & finish them with some ribbon & a gift tag.

4. For the Music Man

You could download all of those ‘Dad songs’ you have to listen to him play in the car.  Create a CD or a playlist so he can play it whenever he likes and think of you.

5. Create a ‘Dad’s Joke Book’

Dad jokes are always the best right?! Hmmm not always.
If he needs a little help in the joke department, get googling online for the best dad jokes around. Finally print it off and remember to create a fun cover so next time he tells a joke you can say ‘haha good one dad!’

6. Get him Gifted

We’ve done all the work for you and put together a selection of hand curated stylish goodies HERE boxed up for the big guy, because let's face it...sometimes our dads need a little style help to be even more rad.

This Father’s Day whatever you do, make sure you tell him how much you love him.  It’s a day to let him know how much you appreciate all the things he does (which sometimes aren’t always seen) so give him a shout-out this year.

Thanks Dad!